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Useful Links

www.naqt.com - NAQT is probably the most popular format in the United States for quiz bowl competition. It uses a 20 toss-up/20 bonus format with the toss-ups being around a paragraph long each. On their site you can research tournaments in your area, purchase practice questions, or (and this is my favorite part) study their "You Gotta Know" lists. These lists are short descriptions of around ten items long each and they are correct - you gotta know what's on these lists.

www.acf-quizbowl.com/index.php - ACF is also a very popular format. It is similar in style to NAQT yet their questions are usually a little longer. Their site offers free questions from past tournaments which can be very useful when gearing up for either of these two formats.

www.hsquizbowl.org - Sponsored by PACE (below) the forum included here is very active. Most members are willing to answer questions, though understand that there are always a few bad apples, so take the answers you get in stride. The members are usually members/coaches of very active and talented teams that can provide you with excellent insight into what top notch teams are doing to improve and in what types of tournaments they are playing. When you get time, lurk the forums and see what you can pick up.

http://quizbowlpackets.com/ - This site is a good source for ACF/NAQT style questions from past high school level tournaments. Not a bad place to start when you begin practicing for one fo these types of tournaments. You will notice that we do not sell these question formats in our store. The reason, why pay money for questions when you can get them for free!! Shorter question formats we do have, but the longer ones can be found at this site.

http://quizbowl.stanford.edu/archive/ - Similar to the archive quiz bowl archive above, this site contains mostly college tournament packets. There are a few high school packets as well though, so enjoy!

www.fraughtmachine.com/refdesk - The aforementioned reference desk is an excellent source for web sites on all subjects. Some sites are better than others as the author freely admits that they have not used each enough to comment on how useful they all are. Having said that, you'll be hard pressed to find another location with as many sites uniquely chosen for academic/quiz bowl teams.

www.pace-nsc.org - The Pace-NSC tournament is so popular among the highest level teams across the country that they recently had to put in place a standby or waiting list to compete. They cap their tournament at 64 teams and will not have a problem reaching this figure. A very active site, it offers the quiz bowl enthusiast news articles on their competitions taking place.

www.kaac.com - Kentucky Association for Academic Competition provides another format and is currently used primarily within the commonwealth. A typical match has 100 questions that can serve as either toss-ups or bonuses. Their major events also include written assessments in the determination of the overall winner. Each subject area also has a state champion from these tests. I list this site here because it serves as the backbone for a state in which over 1200 schools regularly participate in competition on a year to year basis. They also have an excellent conference held in Louisville every year designed to help coaches with every aspect of running their team.