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Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists
The Social Studies Teacher's Book of Lists - by Ronald Partin. While you probably don't need to know "Fads and Fancies" of each decade in the twentieth century, there are so many lists here in subtopics from American history to psychology to geography that this book is strongly recommended. If you can imagine a list from one of these areas, this book will probably have it. Not a book for building depth, but I have always said you need to know what to research before you can research it. This book gives you the surface knowledge you need, that later on, you can explore further. While at the time of this writing the only copies available here were over fifteen dollars each used, you can check back over time or look at older editions to find one more in a better price range.
American History Teachers Book of Lists
The American History Teacher's Book of Lists - by Fay Hansen. Beginning with a series of lists on the pre-colonial period, this book runs the gamut of American history. It also includes sections on the arts in America, and economics. Sociology and pop culture are also covered. If playing in the U.S., which I suspect most of you are, American History is going to be a good portion of the social studies questions asked. Thus, this is a good place to start when building knowledge on the subtopic. You can usually find a copy for under five dollars plus shipping here. At that price, it is a good by for a team's or player's library.
An Incomplete Education
An Incomplete Education - by Judy Jones and William Wilson. A classic in academic team literature, it leaves something to be desired on the social studies front in comparison to other areas it covers. Having said that, it does a good job with economists and psychology. It is not meant to be an all encompassing view of either of these, but gives you a little more depth than either of the two above on the areas it does discuss. It touches on geography, but frankly, you won't get all that much out of it. If this "recommendation" sounds more negative than positive, it's only because this book is so great on other areas. Every player in every subject should own a copy, so get one here for less than a dollar plus shipping!
The 100
The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History - by Michael Hart. This book is recommended in the general and science categories as well, but social studies players will benefit the most from it. The 100 consists of one to two page bios which includes all basic information that one would be asked about the lives of the person featured. We recommend this for those looking to dive a little deeper than a list into individuals included. A copy can be purchased here for around six to eight dollars used.
The Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy - by E. D. Hirsch, Joseph Kett, and James Trefil. With multiple chapters on both World and American History, this would be considered a very useful resource. However it also includes sections on geography, politics, and economics within the social studies realm. Designed as a dicitonary, the knowledge it provides is surface level only. However, it gives players a starting point when reseach a topic. Also, one can sit back and read an entire chapter. While much of that material will be nothing new, the average player will come across individuals or events they're not familiar with as it provides volume as opposed to depth. Strongly recommended, one can be picked up used here for around under a dollar plus shipping.
A Dictionary of Twentieth Century World History
A Dictionary of Twentieth Century World History - This book is a must have for any team. While it does focus its information on the twentieth century, it covers the timefram in full. While it refers to itself as a dictionary, the amount of content provided falls somewhere closer to an encyclopedia while not quite providing a full page of material. A good reference source for missed social studies questions, the geography it provides, in particular, is excellent. Move quickly past the new copies offered at over one hundred dollars here, and purchase yours for under five dollars plus shipping.
Atlas of World History
Atlas of World History - Every social studies player should have access to an atlas. Assuming that your team can get to one in your school's library or that you own one already, this book will compliment your atlas by putting places in the context of the events that occurred that throughout history. While from time to time you will see a uniquely geography question, most give reference to some event that took place or some person from the region. Another thing I like abou this atlas is that with some of its maps you can see transitions such as the movement of industrialization or migration. In comparison to others listed above, this one is a little more expensive, so consider purchasing a team copy only. You can find it here for under twenty dollars plus shipping.

Web Sites

www.fraughtmachine.com/refdesk - The Fraught Machine's Reference Desk - The aforementioned reference desk includes sections on history, geography, and social sciences. Each provides you with a collection of web sites uniquely chosen for academic teams.
eHistory Archive - This web site is excellent when you dive in deep. It offers biographies, lists, and event descriptions throughout history. Broken down into sections including "World", "Middle Ages", "Civil War", "WWII", and more. Definitely use this as you can pick up a lot of information here.
www.hyperhistory.com - This provides a timeline in which you can click on either the event or person featured to get a short bio/description. It also allows you to focus on religion, people, or events. This is a good way to get a feel for how history developed over time by seeing how events relate to one another throughout the world.
www.atlapedia.com - Atlapedia allows you to view any nation's political or physical map online. Also, you can opt to view all important statistical data on that country, including a brief synopsis of its history.


List of Current World Leaders - Having a list of current world leaders is good to have as a reference list.
NAQT You Gotta Know Lists - NAQT has many lists in their "You Gotta Know" section that are of social studies variety. Check these out, especially if you plan to play in an event using their format. As the title says, "You Gotta Know" these lists!
Kevin Keegan's History Timeline - Mr. Keegan developed an excellent timeline for both American and World History. We have reached out to him and have to receive a response but because I believe his material is so good, I will give you his e-mail address if you wish to purchase these lists. His e-mail address is TheKeegmaster[at]hotmail[dot]com. If you are able to get your hands on these lists, you'll be glad you did.
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