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Men of Mathematics
Men of Mathematics - by Eric Temple Bell. While knowing how to do mathematics, especially being able to do so quickly, is important for quick recall, for longer questions formats such as NAQT or ACF, the history of mathematics is far more important. This book begins with the mathematicians of ancient Greece and continues through the early part of the twentieth century. While not all-encompassing by any means, it includes most major mathematicians and around fifteen to twenty pages of information about their lives and contributions. A good buy here at around three dollars plus shipping.
Math Teacher's Book of Lists
The Math Teacher's Book of Lists - by Gary Robert Muschla and Judith A. Muschla. From number theory to calculus to the history of mathematics, this book covers all aspects of mathematics. Each topic is presented in list form, however the underlying idea can usually be learned from it. Besides, from a book like this there are two main ideas to take away. First, learn the history of mathematics. Second, a math player can use this book to find out what areas they should be studying. Sometimes the most difficult part of studying math is that there are so few resources outlining what material you should focus on. This helps do just that. If you learn all of the concepts you should have a pretty strong foundation. This can be purchased here for around fifteen dollars with previous editions going for under ten plus shipping.
Guide to Essential Knowledge
The New York Times Guide to Essential Knowledge - This tome contains an eight page section on mathematics. Do not buy this book for that section, of course, as it is a rather expensive book to buy for just one chapter. Having said that, if you have purchased this it already (as advised in the general section) defintely review this chapter of the book as it covers the history of mathematics, a collection of formulas, and a description of the various branches of mathematics. The latter section will come in handy in an NAQT or ACF format as they like to ask a question including the definition of a collegiate level branch of mathematics would be well within the realm of possibility. Again, it can be purchased here for around five dollars plus shipping.
The Math Book
The Math Book - by Clifford Pickover. Creatively named, this book covers what the author feels are the 250 most important discoveries/problems in mathematics history. This is excellent because in deeper formats (NAQT, ACF, etc.) the questions that appear on the history of mathematics will usually go one of two ways. It will either provide deatils of a mathematicians most famous and important contributions, which very well could appear here, or it will focus on the discovery itself, which is all the better. Each of the 250, is given a one page depiction and a one description, so while it does not cover each as thoroughly as it could, this book provides the reader with precisely what they need for quiz bowl use without getting bogged down in the details. Unfortunately this is a relatively new book so copies are usually going to run you just under twenty dollars plus shipping here whether new or used.
Precalculus Demystified
Precalculus Demystified - by Rhonda Huetenmueller. While most long question formats do not include, or include very little, computational mathematics, many quick recall formats do. Thus, this book would come in handy as pre-calculus and algebra two are the sub-topics that usually come up in these types of problems. Of course, one could always just seek out a textbook from these classes, but if a student is trying to accelerate themselves beyond their current course, they may need a text to take home and this is a good. There are many other types of books that are similar and feel free to substitute. What you are looking for is a book that clearly outlines the "how to" on problems. Usually, this book can be purchased here for under seven or eight dollars.

Web Sites

The Math Book - I have included here the web site that is associated with the book as published by the author.
Trigonometric Identities - This web site contains a list of trigonometric identities. Print it and put it in any binder you may have for mathematics preperation. Note that this is especially useful for computation questions.
Thinkquest's Math History - An excellent web site that dives rather deeply into the history of mathematics, every mathematics player should spend some time simply reading this what Thinkquest has to offer here. One thing that really impresses me about this is that it includes the history of math from every corner of the Earth, not just the classical European history.
The Thirty Greatest Mathematicians - Not only does this site list the thirty greatest mathematicians of all time (and ranks them rather well), but it also includes lengthy biographies on each. Read all of them! The page's creator has recently expanded it to seventy-five mathematicians, if you are looking to deepen your knowledge continue with numbers thirty-one to seventy-five.


Trigonometric Identities - I would recommend putting together a list of trigonometric identities. You can access these at the web site that includes this info above, or from any pre-calculus book.
Important Geometric forumlas - Grab a geometry or pre-calculus book. Most will have all major geomtric formulas on the inside cover or in an appendix. Copy this information over to your own copy that you can easily take with you.
Great Mathematicians - Put together a list of great mathematicians. You can begin with the web site above or put together your own. Either way, have one available and learn it.
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