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Resources and Tools - Lists

NAQT - "You Gotta Know" Lists - These lists include topics from every subject area. Most consist of around ten items with a short description of the event/person/thing. They have named these lists correctly as you absolutely have to know this material if you want to begin to compete at a high level. Their best use is for new teams, new players, or teams that are trying play at the next level for the first time. They do a good job at laying the foundation for the areas they are meant to cover. Also, their frequency lists are a must have and are worth the price.

Kevin Keegan's Master Lists - These lists are a must have if you can get your hands on them. His master lists include one of the best timelines I have ever seen. They run from a couple thousand years BC until 1991 and I have found few events that are not covered within them. They also include around 900 works of literature with their authors. Some mythology is included as well. Lastly, works of art and music pieces round out the best set of lists you will find anywhere! If you have used these, and know of a better set, please let us know by contacting us.

Trigonometric Identities - I would recommend putting together a list of trigonometric identities. You can access these at this web site that includes this info or from any pre-calculus book.

Important Geometric formulas - Grab a geometry or pre-calculus book. Most will have all major geometric formulas on the inside cover or in an appendix. Copy this information over to your own copy that you can easily take with you.

Great Mathematicians - Put together a list of great mathematicians. You can begin with this web site or put together your own. Either way, have one available and learn it.

Top 100 Scientists Lists - There are multiple lists of scientists here. Most of these are included in the books section. These lists do not include a description of any kind. Thus, they should only be used as a guide of what to study. But if you can't get your hands on any of these books, you can at least find out which scientists each covers through these lists.

List of Current World Leaders - Having a list of current world leaders is good to have as a reference list.

List of Artists and their works - The link to the left here will give you a start with the artists it should include, but you need to develop a list of artists and their works, or conversely develop a list of works with the name of the creator with them.

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