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Getting Started as a New Coach

Everything that you do as a coach comes back to one central question that every good coach needs to ask themselves and their team the first day on the job.

That question: "What is our intent with this team?"

Some teams enjoy building comraderie. Win or lose they are going to have a good time. Most of the time, players walk away from this type of team after graduation with many fond memories of having a lot of fun at practice and their weekly matches.

Others fall somewhere in the Elementary of having a good time while practicing enough and working hard enough to be competitive in most competitions. In most cases these teams do not win state tournaments, but they also do not find themselves practicing five days a week, or putting the work in throughout the summer.

On the other end of the spectrum, some teams answer this question by saying that they want to build a regional, state, or national champion. Practices for these teams are much more regimented and the team's schedule is much more rigorous, resulting in a greater need for fund raising, and a greater time commitment on everyone's part.

While my teams and I definitely fell into the latter category, there is something to be said for both styles. So, which is your team?