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Fund Raising Ideas - Sponsors

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Many businesses, small and large, budget money every year for donations. There are groups out there who ask for that money, and there are those who don't. Guess which group ends up with that money. I've heard excuse after excuse why this will not work in a team's school district. Do not buy into these excuses. If you have students on your team (and if you don't, you have other problems to deal with first!), they probably have parents who work, and those parents work for companies who donate money to groups within the community. Asking is the only way a company will say "yes!"

I usually recommend having a parent or assistant coach (preferably the former) lead a letter writing campaign to local businesses. Within a letter, you inform the business about your team. Tell them what academic team is, why they need funds, and most importantly, how the students in their community will benefit from the help they are providing. In return of course, you will be advertising for them. You may be thinking to yourself that you have no way to advertise, but be creative. Maybe you are running a tournament, or hosting league matches throughout the year. If parents or other spectators are coming to these events you could create a program including the names and short bios of the players on your team, and a team schedule (added bonus of parents knowing what your team is doing when). Of course, many pages of your program will be dedicated to good luck wishes and advertising pieces that have been sold as sponsorships to parents, other family members, and local businesses at a certain price per page. Yes, it does cost money to print these programs, but they will more than pay for themselves with the sponsorships that you've gained at the beginning of your year.

A similar fund raising project my teams did was to put sponsor messages on the back of hooded sweatshirts that the entire team had. Every year we made state we had these created, and after paying for the sweatshirts we usually made over $1500! Not to mention all of the players got free "hoodies", as they called them. The extra incentive to go this route for the coach is that the shirts are unifying for the team. During the winter, our teams wore them throughout the day on match days, showing a sense of pride in being on the team.

At the end of the year, take a team picture. For sponsors that have donated a dollar figure that you decide, have plaques made that can be displayed at the local business. If your team has a banquet at the end of the year, invite members of that business to attend, where you present them with the plaque and letter of appreciation describing your team's achievements. It's things like this that will make them eager to sponsor you again next year!

Selling - Raffle/Auction - Sponsors - Tournament - Player Fees - Administration

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