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Fund Raising Ideas - Selling

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I mention throughout the fund raising section that I believe it is important for a team to raise some money themselves. The most common fund raising method in schools is for the students to sell a product. The product can range from candy bars to popcorn to discount cards.

My teams stuck with the discount cards as they typically generated a fifty percent profit for our team without charging people an arm and a leg. Beyond that, the cards usually pay for themselves in one or two uses for the people that buy them.

Some coaches set a goal for each player to try to achieve, others find that this number becomes both a minimum and a maximum. You decide what works best for your team. Below I have included links to web sites for many companies that work with non-profit organizations to raise money.

The Fundraiser Superstore - Based out of California, this company provides many options for non-profit groups to consider when choosing what items they want to sell. They even include some fund raisers in which your players do not actually sell anything!

ABC Fundraising - ABC is one of the more popular fundraising companies. Their discount cards are very good as many times your team will earn seventy-five percent of the ten dollars per card that you sell. They ensure that the cards include local businesses, making them a great choice nationwide.

EZ Fund - They offer many fund raising programs that you will not find on other sites and with other companies.

FundraisingBands.com - Here you can purchase wristbands that you can sell. These can be a bit of a risk as you have to put the money out up front to have them created. However, it may be something your team can get behind and thus sell with more enthusiasm.

There are many similar companies that you can use. Search the web for fundraising companies and find a program you and your team feel comfortable with and have fun with it!

Selling - Raffle/Auction - Sponsors - Tournament - Player Fees - Administration

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