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Fund Raising Ideas - Running a Tournament

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Running a tournament is a good way to raise money because it offers your team so much more than just added funds, but more on that below.

Here are some things to consider when running a tournament. Your proximity to other schools that would be interested in playing in a new tournament is very important because if only three or four schools are willing to come to your event it may not be practical as a fund raising tool. Most tournaments charge between fifty to one hundred dollars per team, sometimes offering a discount for schools that bring a buzzer system. However this may not be your only source of income generated from running a tournament.

When you gather dozens of teenagers together, they will want concessions! Estimate how many people will be there and sell lunch items, drinks, and snacks for consumption throughout the day. Of course, if you do this, you probably want to schedule a time for these things to be eaten (a lunch period). Your profit from concession will depend largely on the number of teams that attend your event, making that all the more important.

For many tournaments, including those we will run at Academic Team Enterprises, the most expensive part of the event is the question writing. To have questions written by top question writers for your event exclusively will usually cost between a dollar and a dollar fifty per question. Another option is to seek out a company selling tournament level questions, and pay a fee to use their questions, making sure that no school attending your event has played with them yet. However, I think this is missing the two best opportunities for your team in running an event - saving money, and learning from their writing.

If you have a good team who recognizes quality question writing, have your team research and write the questions themselves. Not only does this cut out the cost you would otherwise incur, but question writing is one of the best ways for a team to improve. Having said this, understand that your tournament is only as good as your questions. If the questions are poorly worded, have inaccuracies, or heaven forbid have been partially plagiarized from internet sources, this will immediately ruin your team's credibility as a tournament organizer, so be careful and review all of your team's questions before your event.

There is also a hidden benefit to writing your own questions beyond the improvement your team will see from writing and the savings on the cost of running the event. What would you do with those questions once the tournament has finished? Many times there is a market out there for questions to be used for practice or for events from other teams throughout the country. If you are running this tournament every year, and it is a popular format such as NAQT, ACF, or KAAC, the questions will become more marketable.

In comparison to other fund raising methods, the money to be made by a tournament is somewhat limited. There is one more way to expand your fund raising opportunity with a tournament and we discuss it here.

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