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Fund Raising Ideas - Raffle/Auction

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A raffle or auction can be a great fundraiser given the right circumstances. My teams would sell raffle tickets for sports memorabilia at our school's sporting events, matching the items with the event. We had varying success depending on the season as some sports generate more spectators (a.k.a. potential buyers) than others. Also, the school I coached at was in an area where professional sports were not a primary attraction, which lowered the interest in the items we were raffling. Despite this, we still had three raffles, all of which were successful.

With auctions, you are looking for a few individuals willing to spend a large dollar figure on a single item. With raffles, instead you are looking for many people willing to take a chance by spending a few dollars with the understanding that it is likely just a donation. When planning this type of event, decide which is most appropriate for your team.

Many sports collectible companies will provide a discount in purchasing items when being used by non-profit groups in a raffle or auction. Our school worked with the company below time and time again. If you are in the Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana, or Southern Ohio area, I would strongly recommend calling or visiting them if you are interested in this type of event.

Planet Collectibles - Specializing in both sports and pop culture memorabilia, the people at Planet Collectibles have been great to the teams I coached over the years. For our auctions, they would consign to us highly sought after items that always resulted in great fundraisers. If ever any of these items did not sell, we simply returned the item to the store at no cost to our team. That's right, unlike many similar companies, they allow you to put an item in your auction without paying for it up front. In short, the people at Planet Collectibles believe in giving back to the community and are great people with whom to work.

Lastly, if you do not believe sports memorabilia will generate the sales you are looking for, get creative. Ask for donations from local businesses to find items for your auction or raffle. Many retail stores will give you a gift card to purchase whatever items your team believes will sell best. As I mention in the sponsors section, ask, otherwise they will not have the chance to say "yes!"

Selling - Raffle/Auction - Sponsors - Tournament - Player Fees - Administration

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