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Fund Raising Ideas - Player Fees

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Player fees are a relatively easy way to raise money. At the beginning of each year, players pay a set fee to offset costs incurred in playing. Simple, easy, and your fund raising is likely done at the beginning of the year and you can then focus on preparation and the season.

Sounds pretty good to be true and it really is. The downsides to charging player fees may seem obvious but I'll state them anyway. Getting teenagers to remember to bring in their fees is like pulling teeth. More importantly, not every family has a spare fifty, seventy five, or hundred dollars they can devote to academic team fees. As a result, you will have some students backing away from an extracurricular activity they could really benefit from because of money. That is the last thing you should want as a coach. Instead, let the students earn the money as a group through one of the other methods we discuss in this section. They can help build team comraderie while instilling a sense of ownership in the team for which they have raised money.

Selling - Raffle/Auction - Sponsors - Tournament - Player Fees - Administration

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