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Fund Raising Ideas - Administration

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Budgets are tight these days. Administrations don't have a lot of extra money to throw around to extracurricular activities, especially those who do not want to help themselves. So, here is a creative solution that I have found many administrations more willing to work with when trying to extract money from them. Explain to your principal that you are transitioning the team into a self-sustaining team, that in the near future will need little or no money from the school or district. However, you need a little help to get started so that the team knows for what they are working. You need money for things like overnight trips, extra resources, and team unifying things like uniforms and team gatherings. You and your team will be doing fund raising this year, but not as much as you will be doing in future years while you get the team off the ground.

Thus, you are asking for them to match what your team raises up to a certain dollar figure. This puts the responsibility back on your team members to raise the money, creating a sense of ownership in the team, but allowing you more flexibility with your budget.

Some administrations will respond to this, others will reject it outright. For those that do deny you the extra money, ask for their advice. What would they recommend doing to raise money so that your team will have what they need to compete on a level playing field with their top competition? Hard work can get your far, but you need resources from which to work.

If all else fails, turn the volume up on your team's fund raising activities. See some of the other tips we offer.

Selling - Raffle/Auction - Sponsors - Tournament - Player Fees - Administration

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